ReversePP OSINT Tool

ReversePP 🏠

Avoid delivering incomplete intelligence reports in Asset Tracing, Corporate Investigations and other OSINT projects. This unique tool aggregates global planning application data, including exclusive data not found elsewhere. Neglecting to incorporate this data in your workflow could mean missing out on key details essential for comprehensive investigation.

ReversePP OSINT Tool
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ReversePP OSINT Tool

Who is ReversePP for?

💥 ReversePP is used by Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) experts as part of Due Diligence or Asset Tracing exercises.

💥 Legal Teams benefit from being able to search planning applications internationally to assist with financial disclosure or recovery queries.

💥 An investigator examining an offshore network of companies might find connections extending into property ownership within onshore jurisdictions.

Our Pricing Plans

Choose between the Free and Pro versions of ReversePP or get in touch for Enterprise Access


Free Version

  • - Search the full ReversePP database

  • - Limited use of the search tool

  • - Results restricted to 5 applications

£8 per month

  • - Free version plus...

  • - 5 limit restriction lifted

  • - API key access


£25 per month

  • - Pro version for unlimited users across domain